My Morrowind Mods

by Florian Weber (FJW)

Chambers of the Knight of the Imperial Dragon

As a true Imperial commander of the legion it is not a very plausible thing that any Greathouse would let you join and rise to the point where you get your own stronghold. The legion on the other hand won’t bother to give you a real home as well.

This is a small mod that fixes this by adding a small room for the knight of the imperial dragon to the basement of the Great Council Chambers in Ebonheart.

The room itself is rather simple and contains mostly sorage-containers, a bed and a table with chairs. (This is the legion, not a hotel!) The entrance is through the stairs of the southwestern tower in the council halls at the very bottom.

All containers and the bed are owned by whoever has the highest rank of the imperial Legion. The result is that you can use them once you reach that rank but accessing anything in them before marks all items as stolen.

There is one key on Varus Vantinius that opens both the door as well as all the locked containers. (Though most are unlocked.)



Version 1.0

Sane Ordinators

Wearing indoril armor in front of an Ordinator is widely known to be a bad idea. This mod does not intend to change that. It does however fix a few very insane behaviours that are borderline bugs:

Since the high-ordinators from Tribunal use the same script, the exact same applies for them and their armor. (I didn’t want to make Tribunal a hard dependency to check for it’s topics since sensible players complete morrowind first anyways (at least most of the time).)

The famous issue that there is no way of the kill-list and that all ordinators will forever try to kill you is not changed by this mod, but by OpenMW: The problem is basically that all Ordinators share their AI-state and therefore any change affects all of them. OpenMW always had seperated states and considers this a bugfix. As do I.


Version 1.0


All my mods were created using openmw-cs and are licensed under the terms of the Creative-Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 international license (CC-BY-SA)

(In short you are allowed to redistribute and change this mod any way you like, but your changes must also be under that license.)

On that note: I want to encourage all moders to do the same as it allows the accumulation of mods and makes them usable for other projects as well. (With OpenMW we now have an Engine that allows us to create games for it from scratch. It would be very disappointing if those games would all have to reinvent their assets from scratch instead of making use of all the things this great community has already created.)